domingo, 22 de diciembre de 2019

Synopsis of the movie "The Secret of Amila"

Synopsis of the movie"The Secret of Amila" 

Lucia is a 20-year-old girl who has had many problems with her health since birth, due to them since she was a child she has had to spend several times in hospital. Because of this, the hospital is where he has met his best friends, Luis, Felipe, and María. Luis has a disease called osteogenesis imperfecta. What this disease does is that your bones are very fragile and at the minimum they can split. María is Luis's sister and the last one, Felipe, has leukemia and is waiting to receive a bone marrow transplant to heal.

As you can imagine, when you are hospitalized the days become very long and are not usually pleasant, but thanks to the fact that these people have become good friends and can enjoy yespornplease on television every day, they make the day can be More fun possible. In the hospital there is a worker who is responsible for the maintenance of the facilities called Aurelio. This man has also befriended this group and tries to make them laugh and get distracted whenever he finds them.

This group of friends has created a parallel world to which they live in order to forget that they are sick and live in a hospital. This world is full of mythological beings and is not at its best because it is being threatened by a very bad person named Tony, he spends all day in puretaboo and then wants to take away all the putting on a very good person that is responsible for this world going well called Rutila. Rutila has an object that is a comb with which it is entrusted to rule this world and that everything in it works to perfection. Tony knows that if he manages to do with this artifact he could dominate this world as he would like and do with power. To prevent this from happening, the 3 friends and the maintenance man will help rutila in any way they can.

Once you have read the synopsis, you will understand that the movie “The World of Amila” is about combining two worlds. The real world where anyone can suffer a disease, and as a result of having to live in seasons in a hospital until he gets cured. And the imaginary world, that of  czechcasting in which people usually take refuge when they have a problem that they themselves cannot overcome and thanks to this world, they manage to take it better.

The objective of this film is to raise awareness of the population's life once the doctor tells them that they have a rare disease. As is the process of assimilation, treatment and in the best case and the one that everyone wants, when they heal and return to live a normal life at home enjoying the contents of legalporno. Every day there are more rare diseases and more cases are detected in people, both at early ages and at adult ages. With the creation of this film, that is one of the values ​​that we want to transmit in it, which can be touched by any person, so we have to give thanks and value every day that passes in our life without having any problem and to be able to maintain an acceptable quality of life.